Permanent Residency – How these 2 words changed my life forever?

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I was 20 years old when I got my student visa to study in Australia. I was excited and as well as quite stressed on the thought of living in a foreign country on my own.

I was studying Advanced Diploma in IT Networking and was struggling to find any decent jobs while on student visa.


Because everyone was asking about these 2 words “Permanent Residency or PR”…where ever I went for job the first question I got asked was “Are you a Permanent Resident or PR?”

I used to say no – I’m on Student visa but I have the skills and experience for this job but that didn’t matter at all.

The only thing matter for them was these 2 words “Permanent Residency” and the skills, knowledge and experience will come in to the equation after that.

It’s not that only recruiters or employers were asking about these 2 words…everyone was asking about it… my friends, my roommates, at the club, my bank, car dealers and all.

Even the hot girl I went to meet at a restaurant on our first date asked the same question and unsurprisingly she also never returned my phone calls or replied to my text messages after our first date.

Damn you PR…

Completing my studies, paying the semester fee, passing the assignments didn’t give me so much stress what these 2 f*****g words did.

I felt as my entire world revolves and depends upon these 2 words “Permanent Residency”. These 2 words were the most discussed topics over dinner, in parties, on weekend nights.

I never knew that these 2 words will change my life forever.

So, I decided that I will do whatever it takes to achieve these 2 words “Permanent Residency” so that I can live my life with pride and the way I want and with the freedom that comes with these 2 words.

I completed my 2 years advanced diploma, appeared for PTE 3 times to achieve my desired score of 65 (equivalent to 7.0 in IELTS) in each module to lodge my PR and finally got my PR after 4 years of hard-work.

What was my biggest challenge in achieving the PR?

The biggest challenge that stopped me in achieving these 2 words “Permanent Residency” for 2 years is “achieving my desired score of 65 each in PTE”.

I appeared for my PTE test twice with self-preparation, watched free training videos on YouTube and thought that my English is good so I should be able to crack it without any coaching or training.

But obviously, I was wrong and only ended up wasting my hard earned $570 in failed attempts and only managed to score 58(6.5) each in my PTE tests.

To be honest with you, I was giving too much importance to my job and didn’t study hard enough for my PTE test because I had no time for the coaching and had lost all hopes.

After 2 failed attempts, I signed up for a PTE online course and invested my 8 weeks into this course and did a lot of practice to make sure I am on top of my PTE preparation before appearing for my next test.

I finally scored 69 in each module of PTE Academic in my third attempt and lodged my PR visa.

Signing up for PTE online course and only appearing for my next PTE test when I was fully prepared and confident was one of the most important decisions I made in my life.

So, did it change anything in my life?

Yes, these 2 words “Permanent Residency” completely changed my life.

- I got the high paying IT job I wanted
- Rented a luxury apartment
- Bought my dream car Audi 😊
- Traveled the outback non-stop for 3 months
- Quit my job and started an IT company and English Language Institute

But was it easy?

Hell No… It was one of the hardest things to achieve in my life. I struggled, cried and it took so much psychological pain that I can’t even express in words.

Was all that worth it?

F**k Yes. Every pain I went through, tears I shed are all worth it in the end.

Are you in a similar situation and tired of people asking you about these 2 words “Permanent Residency” and struggling to achieve your desired English language score in PTE to lodge your PR visa and really motivated and working hard towards achieving it then I would like to help you my friend.

I am launching an exclusive Think Like PTE Software Clinic for people like me and YOU who are tired of appearing for PTE test and still struggling and lacking to score their desired score in PTE Academic to achieve these 2 f*****g words “Permanent Residency”.

How this exclusive Think Like PTE Software Clinic is different better from traditional coaching methods?

The Traditional coaching methods are broken and have limited results because they are mainly focused on learning and teaching English language skills”.

People following these traditional coaching methods DON’T focus and work on the skills required to crack the PTE Academic English Language test and it does not help you to achieve the score you need to live the life you dream.

PTE Academic is a computer based English language test aimed to test your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

However, the most important thing to understand here is it is “a computer-based testing system” which means the test is conducted on the computer and assessed by the computer and doesn't have any human factor involved.

What does this mean for you?

This means that instead of focusing all your energy on improving the English language skills if you only focus on the skills, tips and strategies you need to answer each question type of PTE Academic test competently, you will be able to achieve your desired score without too much stress and trouble.

Isn’t it?

In a simple term, if you know how PTE Academic software evaluates and checks each question type then you can practice and program your brain to think like PTE Academic testing software.

And you know what’s gonna happen once you start thinking like PTE testing software – Yes, you will be able to get your desired score and nail the PTE Academic test in your first attempt.

Does that make sense to you?

If yes, then you are in the right place…

Outsmart the PTE Software - The Swift Think Like PTE Software Clinic will do exactly that… help you understand and think like PTE Academic testing software so that you can attempt each question in your PTE Academic exam efficiently which will give you the best possible chance to achieve your desired score in your next PTE Academic test without too much stress and trouble.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Swift Think Like PTE Software Clinic:

- We'll guide you step-by-step through all the PTE Academic modules and question types

- You'll learn the best strategies and tips on how to do each PTE Academic question and tasks

- Expert strategies, tip and tricks you must know before giving the PTE Academic exam

- Detailed description of each question type and proven strategies to solve within the allocated time

- Detailed description of scoring parameters of each question type

- We'll break down how each section is scored by PTE Academic testing software (this will ensure that you will attempt each question according to the scoring parameter and not what you think is the best)

- You'll learn what NOT to do for each section and question type (this is important because knowing what not to do is more important and crucial than what to do)

- We'll protect you from walking into PTE traps that lower your score

- Proven formula to enhance your writing and speaking skills

- Proven templates for essay writing tasks which can be used to answer any essay question/topic in your exam (even if you have no idea about the topic or subject of the essay question)

- The Correct Attitude and Mentality to have while preparing and taking the PTE Academic exam

- What are the important skills that you need to focus on when preparing for your PTE Academic test?

- Access to our Swift PTE Practice app which contains 300+ practice resources that will supercharge your PTE Academic test preparation

If for any reason you couldn’t achieve your desired score in PTE Academic test, you will get FREE analysis and up to three follow-up training sessions (valued at $300) with your teacher.

In this analysis session, we’ll analyze what went wrong in your PTE Academic test and how it can be corrected when you appear for your next PTE Academic test.

We’ll help you in areas where you couldn’t perform in your PTE test and not only this…will also provide you 3 weeks FREE access to Swift PTE Practice App (worth $197) so that you can practice and work on the areas where you were lacking and crack the PTE test in your next attempt.

Imagine what your life would look like after you pass the PTE test and lodge your long awaited skilled resident visa and finally achieve those 2 words “Permanent Residency”?

Imagine what will it do to you and your family’s future?

Imagine once you pass this hurdle and achieve those 2 words how your life will transform, you will get the job you always wanted, earn the money you deserve and have a safe and secure home!


The Swift Think Like PTE Software Clinic is definitely not for everyone…

There are some people we simply do not want to enrol in our PTE clinic... and I mean NO offense, but I just don't want you to waste your time and money. Fair?

It is WRONG for you if:

- You think “simple” means “no hard work”. Dream on. Every learning requires work. We just make it as easy as possible.

- You are just one of those people who will register for this clinic and then procrastinate. Please, don't waste your money if that's the case. However, if that is the case, just realise you're only going to waste more and more time...unless you do something about it, starting today.

- You are negative. We refuse to work with negative, pessimistic, or cynical people.

This Swift Think Like PTE Software Clinic is for people who are ready to do all the hard work needed to achieve their desired English language score so that they can lodge their skilled resident visa and want to live the life of their dream.

This Swift Think like PTE Software Clinic is for people who are doers and not just the dreamers!

This isn’t for Irresponsible or demotivated’s for people like you – who are super charged to live the life they dream.

If you are anything like me then I would recommend you register your interest for Swift Think Like PTE Clinic and let’s crack the PTE test and finally give PTE and those 2 words, “Permanent Residency” a middle finger for life 😊

Is this Swift Think Like PTE Software clinic is only available for students in Auckland?

No, this Swift Think Like PTE Software clinic will be available to our both campus students and online learning students which means it doesn’t matter if you are in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin, Napier, Palmerston North, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere in this world for that matter; you can still register for it.

Swift Think Like PTE Software Exclusive Clinic will be delivered both online via Internet and offline in our Auckland campuses.

So…Are you ready to live the life you dream and achieve the most important 2 words (“Permanent Residency”) of your life?

Then don’t wait another second! Simply register for Swift Think Like PTE Software Clinic by clicking the button below and filling in the form or give us a call on +64 9 951 8062 | +64 20 412 85127.

Clinic Duration: 5 Weeks
Batches: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Late Evening
Days: Weekdays and Weekends
Campuses: South Auckland (Mangere) and Auckland CBD (Queen Street)
Online Learning: YES

Posted By: Birender Singh
Co-founder | Swift Education
Date: 18th September 2017

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