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Do you want to prepare for PTE or IELTS test but you don’t have time to travel or attend a quality specialised course due to your busy work schedule?

How would you prepare for one of the most important exams of your life?

Get Enrolled in Swift PTE Express Live Course

Swift PTE Express Live course provides an interactive platform for students who cannot travel to attend our specialised training in Auckland but would still like to gain specialised PTE training from our expert trainers at the comfort of their home.

Swift PTE Express Live course is a live 4-week course with classes scheduled on both weekdays and over the weekends, so you can attend these classes while performing routine tasks of your lives during the weekdays & weekends. Without gravely affecting your daily lives, Swift PTE Express course provides an excellent opportunity to materialise your future plans in parallel. Don’t miss the opportunity and grab it at your earliest. Here are the course details:

Duration: 4 Weeks
Days: Weekdays & Weekends
Batch: Late Evening (6-9pm)
e-Learning Access: Yes
Swift PTE Express Live Class Access Opens Every Monday

Who Should Enroll in this Course?

Students who have three hours a day and three days per week availability and would like to study in a productive Live class room environment.
If you have to give the PTE Exam for the first time or have unsuccessfully appeared for this Exam then you should get enrolled in Swift PTE Express Live Course Now.

What will I need to access the Swift Live Course?
You'll need an internet connection and a computer/tablet/smartphone to access Swift PTE Express Live course

What if I cannot attend a class?
You'll get access to the Live class recording in your student dashboard next day

What do you mean by LIVE?
Swift PTE Express Live is a live broadcast of our PTE training from Auckland.

What if I have questions?
There will be questions and answers, discussions session after completing each topic where you can ask all your questions and your trainer will answer them live.

Will you provide the practice resources for PTE?
Ofcourse...Students will get FREE access to Swift PTE e-Learning practice resources and scored tests for the duration of access to Swift Live Course.

Here's a 20 Minute Describe Image Session from our Swift PTE Express Live Class

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