Our Training Methodology

Swift Education - Touching Lives Forever!

SWIFT Education aims to optimise each student’s performance and hone their English language skills in a matter of few weeks. We realise that most students who reach us have an average English language skills which makes our task of helping them achieve their desired scores in IELTS and PTE in their first attempt quite challenging.

Despite this, our success rate is really high which makes us so proud of our students, trainers and the team at Swift Education. What we have experienced is that these students usually need a lot of polishing, practicing, motivation and personalised mentoring. Along with traditional teaching sessions, we sternly focus on these areas to let these students achieve the very best.

We also understand that most students that study at Swift Education do not have a lot of time for the preparation. Most of them either have to attend college or go to work during the weekdays. To sort out the issue, we have planned our sessions over the weekends, but this generally left us with an even smaller time.

To compensate for the time, most institutes rush through the course work and fail to deliver any real value to the students. Instead of this, we have bridged our time gap through efficient use of technology and other teaching aids that has remarkably helped our students achieve their goals.

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